Thinking our sake after some years … unless we act today.

We forget when we hurt the earth and how it feels when it hurts us back! This catastrophe is a gift that we have received in exchange for our inhumanity! This universe knows how to prove its true worth and we have to pay by sacrificing our own lives! We as humans, some day in the future, there might not be so many humans from whom we can ask for this so that they can recreate this planet with whatever left that time just like the way this earth makes our lives! But still today in this empty and desert world, we have to raise our voices to ask the human race that comes after. Never give this earth such a wound that this earth, that screams with such pain, that it should not give anyone a chance to cause this pain AGAIN!!!

What if a corona is not a sickness but a cure, and we are the virus to the earth! 

It seems a jock to hear that 5 billion seedlings will be planted this year as a government plan. However, it is a very big achievement if its half or a quarter or even a tenth of it survives. All the same, do not forget to take care of honeybees as a pollinator for these plants too! Even, our one out of every three bites our food we eat pollinated by bees!

Take care of pollinator honeybees; they can take care of our lives and our planet!

Have a blessed day!

What if a corona is not a sickness but a cure, and we are the virus to the earth! 

Published by Addisu Bihonegn

I'm a beekeeping Researcher in Andassa Livestock Research Center, Amhara , Ethiopia. BSc in Animal Sciences at Haramaya University MSc. in Apiculture at Bahirdar University.

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